Vincent Ginis

Opportunities and challenges for implementing Plan S

Publicly funded research should not be hidden behind payment walls, but it should also not become a pay-to-publish game.

In a joint statement by several Young Academies, including the Belgian, a convinced “yes” to Open Access sounds. At the same time, the young scientists call for reflection on the best possible implementation of Plan S: stakeholder consultation with, among others, Young Academies is necessary.

The statement was authored by Koen Vermeir, Moritz Riede and Sabina Leonelli on behalf of the Global Young Academy (GYA), based on input from and discussion with the members of the respective Young Academies provided by Ericka Johnson and Jens Hjerling-Leffler (Young Academy of Sweden), Gergely Toldi (on behalf of the Hungarian National Young Academy Initiative), Ian Overton (Young Academy of Scotland), Olli Peltola (Young Academy Finland), Rens van de Schoot (Dutch Young Academy), Udi Sommer (Israel Young Acad- emy) and Vincent Ginis (Belgian Young Academy).