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Sophie Viaene successfully defended her PhD on the exploration of metamaterial horizons

Einstein’s theory of general relativity has dramatically changed our world view, by describing gravity as an intrinsic deformation of space and time. About fifteen years ago, John Pendry and Ulf Leonhard had the intriguing idea to emulate the behaviour of light in a deformed space by making use of carefully designed artificial metamaterials. Metamaterials consist […]

Taking it slow with reconfigurable metasurfaces

Ultrathin nanostructured resonators on surfaces, i.e., metasurfaces, have shown great potential for the miniaturization of advanced photonic technologies such as aberration-free lenses, beam shapers, and holograms. These metasurface designs focus strongly on obtaining desired optical properties through a careful optimization of the shape, the relative orientation, and the composition of structures. However, once manufactured the […]